M.E.B.A Hotline


You should be aware of the 24-hour Toll-Free Hotline set up for our members who are seeking solutions to immediate concerns. An M.E.B.A. official manning the line stands ready to help tackle crisis situations and address other matters of urgency. The line is designed to be answered at any hour and the official on duty will get the wheels in motion to help you hurdle a hindrance and further heighten your working experience.

Those who call the line should be prepared to fully brief the Hotline Person-in-Charge with extensive details of their issue as well as their contact information. Please leave a detailed message in the rare event that the official is away from their phone at the time of your call. The official fielding the call will route the concern to the appropriate M.E.B.A. contact taking into account the issue’s magnitude.

The Hotline is meant only for vital concerns. In most cases, either calling your M.E.B.A. Union hall or office during normal business hours or sending an e-mail is enough to get your concerns resolved. The Hotline should become an option only if the weight of the issue demands that it be addressed at the highest priority.

The number is 1‐888‐519‐0018. Keep it in mind to help your shipping experience stay on an even keel.