Documents and Notices

M.E.B.A. HQ & Union Hall Operational Notices

All Ports Bulletin - Information on 2020 District Election

All Ports Bulletin - Campaign Mailing Instructions

All Ports Bulletin on DHS Essential Work

COVID-19/M.E.B.A. Guidance and Hiring Hall Practices (Updated 6/29/2020)

COVID-19 Communications & Updates

Interim CDC Guidance for Ships on Managing Suspected or Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

TSA Exemption To Extend TWIC Expiration Dates

State Department - Notice to Mariners with Urgent Need for a Passport (April 13 2020)

TSA - COVID-19 - TWIC Enrollment Impact

COVID-19 Priority for Testing Patients - Graphic  (Public Health Service)

AFL-CIO: COVID-19 - Be Vigilant. Be Prepared. Don’t Panic.

U.S. Coast Guard Notices (MSIBs, etc.)

NMC - Update on REC Closures (July 8, 2020)

MSIB-08-20 (Change 2) - Mariner Credentials - Extension of MMC Endorsements, Medical
Certificates & Course Approvals

MSIB-02-20 - Novel Coronavirus - Update (Change 5)

CG MMC Program - Processing of Mariner Appeals During Pandemic

National Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee Member Solicitation

CG-MMC Policy Letter 01-20 - Affidavits for Mariner Credentialing

NMC - New Electronic Mail (E-mail) Renewal Examinations

MSIB-14-20 - COVID-19: Ballast Water Management (BWM) Extensions

MSIB-13-20 - Easing TWIC Requirements

NMC - COVID-19 - Update #2

MSIB-12-20 - COVID-19 - Vessel & Facility Response Plans

MSIB-11-20 - Maintaining Maritime Commerce and Identification of Essential Maritime Critical Infrastructure Workers

MSIB-10-20 - COVID-19 – Guidance for Maritime Operators on Compliance with Federal Drug Testing Requirements

MSIB-09-20 - Vessel Inspections, Exams, and Documentation

MSIB-08-20 - Extension of Merchant Mariner Credential Endorsements and Medical Certificates

MSIB-07-20 - Novel Coronavirus – Port and Facility Operations (Change 1)

MSIB-07-20 - Novel Coronavirus – Port and Facility Operations 

MSIB-06-20 - Vessel Reporting Requirements for Illness or Death

MSIB-02-20 - Novel Coronavirus – Update (Change 3)

MSIB Vol. XX, Issue 35 - COVID-19 Vessel Precautions

NMC: COVID-19 and Mariner Credentialing Program Impacts

M.E.B.A. Governing Documents

M.E.B.A. Constitution (Current as of March 20, 2017) (.pdf)

M.E.B.A. By-Laws (Current as of March 2020) (.pdf)

M.E.B.A. Shipping Rules, as Amended 2019 (.pdf)

Merchant Officers’ Labor Alliance (MOLA) Between M.E.B.A. & MM&P (.pdf)

Forms & Application Packets

M.E.B.A. Database Update (Change of Address) Form

Labor-Management Reporting & Disclosure Act of 1959, as amended (LMRDA)
Beck Rights (.pdf)
Notification of General Motors/Beck Rights, Dues Check-off Revocations (.pdf)
Non-Discrimination Notice (.pdf)