Documents and Notices

M.E.B.A. HQ & Union Hall Operational Notices

Ready for Job Call? Make Sure You Have These...

M.E.B.A. Officers' Election Notice, Instructions for Nominations & Form

Members, Applicants Encouraged to Seek STCW ETO Endorsement; CMES Offers Guidance

All Ports Bulletin on DHS Essential Work

COVID-19/M.E.B.A. Guidance and Hiring Hall Practices (Updated 6/29/2020)

General Communications & Updates

MarAd MSCI No.2023-009 on China-Backed Threats to Maritime Infrastructure

Updated Passport Renewal Procedures for Mariners, as of 1/22/23

NMC: Top Medical Certificate "Awaiting Information" Reasons

NMC: Top Five "Awaiting Information" Reasons for MMC Applications 

IMO Brochure: Maritime Human Rights Risks & the COVID-19 Crew Change Crisis

COVID-19 Vaccination for Seafarers & Shipping Companies, A Practical Guide

COVID-19 Legal, Liability & Insurance Issues arising from Vaccination of Seafarers

World Health Organization (WHO) - Updated Pandemic Guidance for Seafarer Safety

AFL-CIO: COVID-19 - Be Vigilant. Be Prepared. Don’t Panic

U.S. Coast Guard Notices (MSIBs, etc.)

MSIB-13-23 - Coast Guard Policies to Address Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response on Vessels

Acceptance of STCW Assessments Performed by Non-Coast Guard-Approved Qualified Assessors

NMC: Credentials Lost Due to Hawaii Wildfires

MSIB-06-23 - Merchant Mariner Credentialing Delays

Coast Guard Guidance on Endorsements for Basic Tanker Operations

MSIB-1-23 - Reporting Sexual Misconduct on U.S. Vessels

NMC: Credentials Lost Due to Hurricanes Fiona and Ian

MSIB-02-21 (Change 5) - COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the MTS

MSIB-02-22 - Cybersecurity Awareness & Action

MSIB-11-21 - Reporting Sexual Assaults on U.S. Vessels

MSIB-02-21 (Change 3) - COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the Maritime Transportation System 

Update to Qualified Assessor Requirements

MSIB-02-21 (Change 2) - COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the Maritime Transportation System 

MSIB-13-20 (Change 3) - TWIC Operations

G-MMC Policy Letter No. 01-21 - Guidelines for STCW Endorsements for IGF Code Operations

MSIB-19-20 - Malicious Email Spoofing Incidents

NMC: Course Approval Submissions

M.E.B.A. Governing Documents

M.E.B.A. Constitution (Current as of June 17, 2022) (.pdf)

M.E.B.A. By-Laws (Current as of July, 2022) (.pdf)

M.E.B.A. Shipping Rules, as Amended to 3/8/2024 (.pdf)

Merchant Officers’ Labor Alliance (MOLA) Between M.E.B.A. & MM&P (.pdf)

Forms & Application Packets - 

[Since certain internet browsers don't support all fillable fields, it is strongly recommended that members/applicants who want to digitally fill out a form or application should DOWNLOAD the file onto their PCs/devices BEFORE digitally COMPLETING the form or application].

M.E.B.A. Database Update (Change of Address) Form

   LMRDA: Know Your Rights
   Beck Rights (.pdf)
   Notification of General Motors/Beck Rights, Dues Check-off Revocations (.pdf)
   Non-Discrimination Notice (.pdf)

   M.E.B.A. Anti-Harassment Statement