Documents and Notices

M.E.B.A. HQ & Union Hall Operational Notices

West Coast Union halls Closed on Monday, July 29 for Harry Bridges Birthday (Observed)

Ready for Job Call? Make Sure You Have These...

2024 M.E.B.A. Credentials Committee Report

M.E.B.A. Officers' Election Notice, Instructions for Nominations & Form

Members, Applicants Encouraged to Seek STCW ETO Endorsement; CMES Offers Guidance

All Ports Bulletin on DHS Essential Work

COVID-19/M.E.B.A. Guidance and Hiring Hall Practices (Updated 6/29/2020)

General Communications & Updates

Updated Passport Renewal Procedures for Mariners, as of 6/28/24

MarAd MSCI No.2023-009 on China-Backed Threats to Maritime Infrastructure

NMC: Top Medical Certificate "Awaiting Information" Reasons

NMC: Top Five "Awaiting Information" Reasons for MMC Applications 

IMO Brochure: Maritime Human Rights Risks & the COVID-19 Crew Change Crisis

COVID-19 Vaccination for Seafarers & Shipping Companies, A Practical Guide

COVID-19 Legal, Liability & Insurance Issues arising from Vaccination of Seafarers

World Health Organization (WHO) - Updated Pandemic Guidance for Seafarer Safety

AFL-CIO: COVID-19 - Be Vigilant. Be Prepared. Don’t Panic

U.S. Coast Guard Notices (MSIBs, etc.)

MSIB-13-23 - Coast Guard Policies to Address Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response on Vessels

Acceptance of STCW Assessments Performed by Non-Coast Guard-Approved Qualified Assessors

NMC: Credentials Lost Due to Hawaii Wildfires

MSIB-06-23 - Merchant Mariner Credentialing Delays

Coast Guard Guidance on Endorsements for Basic Tanker Operations

MSIB-1-23 - Reporting Sexual Misconduct on U.S. Vessels

NMC: Credentials Lost Due to Hurricanes Fiona and Ian

MSIB-02-21 (Change 5) - COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the MTS

MSIB-02-22 - Cybersecurity Awareness & Action

MSIB-11-21 - Reporting Sexual Assaults on U.S. Vessels

MSIB-02-21 (Change 3) - COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the Maritime Transportation System 

Update to Qualified Assessor Requirements

MSIB-02-21 (Change 2) - COVID-19 Safety Requirements in the Maritime Transportation System 

MSIB-13-20 (Change 3) - TWIC Operations

G-MMC Policy Letter No. 01-21 - Guidelines for STCW Endorsements for IGF Code Operations

MSIB-19-20 - Malicious Email Spoofing Incidents

NMC: Course Approval Submissions

M.E.B.A. Governing Documents

M.E.B.A. Constitution (Current as of June 17, 2022) (.pdf)

M.E.B.A. By-Laws (Current as of July, 2022) (.pdf)

M.E.B.A. Shipping Rules, as Amended to 3/8/2024 (.pdf)

Merchant Officers’ Labor Alliance (MOLA) Between M.E.B.A. & MM&P (.pdf)

Forms & Application Packets - 

[Since certain internet browsers don't support all fillable fields, it is strongly recommended that members/applicants who want to digitally fill out a form or application should DOWNLOAD the file onto their PCs/devices BEFORE digitally COMPLETING the form or application].

M.E.B.A. Database Update (Change of Address) Form

   LMRDA: Know Your Rights
   Beck Rights (.pdf)
   Notification of General Motors/Beck Rights, Dues Check-off Revocations (.pdf)
   Non-Discrimination Notice (.pdf)

   M.E.B.A. Anti-Harassment Statement